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Easiest Musical Instrument to Learn for Adult Beginners

A selection of musical instruments

For anyone just starting out with music, finding the right musical instrument to start learning can be a real challenge. The following are considered some of the most inspired choices when it comes to selecting a fun, pleasant and easy to learn instrument for beginners.



A person with a Ukulele

Ukes are in vogue, and for good reason. Many beginners prefer them because they’re a cheaper, more melodious and easier to use alternative to guitars. The ukulele is also a highly portable string instrument that can make you the life of the party, whether you’re out on a fun camping trip, or just visiting some friends on a Saturday night. There is currently a lot of online support for beginners learning to play the ukulele, including the information on this site, there are video training resources, books, written instructions, sheet music and live online courses. If you like the idea of learn to play a ukulele take a look at this article where we review the best tenor ukuleles you can buy.



Keyboard example

If you wanted to learn to play the piano more than half a century ago, you didn’t have many options. Today, instead of spending $50,000 on a grand piano, you can buy a keyboard for a much better price and enjoy a lot of fun resources and training options for beginners. Keyboards fit anywhere conveniently, and their electronic construction allows you to learn quietly using headphones, teach yourself with preset songs, use special training modes and more.



Two Bongos

Bongos have a long history among percussion instruments, and they can be great for beginners to learn all the skills necessary to master percussion instruments and musical rhythm. This stress-relieving, mood-enhancing instrument Unlike most instruments, they don’t require much maintenance, and they can be stored just about anywhere and played more conveniently because of their smaller size. If you want to learn to play the drums, taking up the bongos can be a great first step. These instruments will help you learn all about the precise timing and the skill you will need when buying your first drum kit.



Picture of an Xylophone

The xylophone is known as one of the most popular instruments for children. In fact, many child care centers will have toy xylophones for children who love music, and a standard xylophone can be equally useful and fun for someone learning to play their first musical instrument. While the xylophone is essentially a percussion instrument, its melodious sound is calming, and the instrument is extremely straightforward and easy to learn. Unlike in the case of other instruments, you won’t need any complicated skills, and acquiring the dexterity you need through practice is far from being just a chore.



Harmonica in a row

The harmonica is one of the easiest instruments to play out of all the ones listed here. The biggest advantage of learning to play this instrument is its size, which makes it extremely convenient. You can easily hold it in one hand and adjust your grip for comfort. Since it’s small enough to keep in your pocket, you can take your harmonica everywhere you go and practice playing whenever you want. No preparation is necessary, and playing the instrument will not get you tired. Finally, the great thing about playing the harmonica is that almost anything you play will sound pretty good, so you won’t feel the sting of every misplaced note. There are a number of good site that teacher to play the harmonica such as



An image of Violin and case

The violin is one of the most popular instruments in the world, but it’s also quite easy to learn how to play it. Although getting used to holding the bow properly, it will become second nature to you in due time. Also, violins are lightweight, and they can be adapted for many different styles and genres, so it won’t be hard to find your own groove and start feeling completely satisfied with your progress. Forming the right skills for playing the violin might be easiest for children, but the instrument can also be mastered by beginner adults without much of a hassle.



Close image of a cello

The cello produces some of the warmest and most pleasant musical sounds of all instruments. Being close to the human vocal range, it offers many possibilities in terms of playing it with music of any genre and style. Like any string instrument, the cello can be a bit challenging at first, especially if you never played any other instruments in the past. However, in a few months you can get a hang of it, and probably the only challenging aspect of learning to play the cello will be that of finding an instrument that is well-suited to your body size.



flute close up

With a little practice, almost anyone can learn to play the flute. This instrument is also very close to the human voice range, and because of it’s construction it may be one of the closest instruments to actual singing. Breathing exercises exist that can help you master the flute even faster than normal, and it can take a few weeks of practice to develop the right coordination between embouchure opening and breath control. Also, the flute is an instrument you can practice with even in silence. Just hold it in front of you, practice all the finger combinations, and you can master the instrument in no time.




The clarinet is one of the most rewarding and interesting instruments to play. It has an extremely wide pitch range, which makes it easy to use it for almost any type of music. Also, these instruments are not very expensive, even at the high end, and aside from being beautiful and easy to use at short notice, they’re also portable and easy to handle. Although there is some preparation required, learning the clarinet can be done easily even in a hurry, as long as you learn how to assemble the mouthpiece and hold the instrument properly.



Trumpet on The Ground

The trumpet may seem easy to play, but it can actually be quite difficult without proper physical conditioning and good lessons. According to most experts, however, once you master the basics, it doesn’t take too long to learn how to play, and it can also be a rich and rewarding experience. The best approach to learn the trumpet is by first dedicating as much time as possible to taking lessons and learning the basics, and then joining an ensemble that will provide you with the right environment for making the jump from beginner to becoming an intermediate player.

Best Ukulele for Kids 2018 – Complete Guide

childrens ukulelesDepending on the age of your children, whether or not they are serious about learning to play the ukulele long term, or whether they would prefer to use a ukulele simply as a toy, there are many options for buying the correct type, size, cost and brand of ukulele.

Below we will take a look at some concrete and helpful tips for buying the right ukulele for younger or older children, as well as considering of the best brands of ukuleles on the market and what they have to offer.


Ukuleles For Younger Children

While most younger children might also be content with a toy uke or guitar, there are many genuine, high quality ukuleles, designed with children in mind, that fill the function of a durable, safe and fun to play instrument that your little ones will simply love.

Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele

The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele is considered worldwide to be the optimal choice when it comes to buying kids under the age of 6 a fun and reliable uke. Designed not only to allow your kids to take the first steps in learning about playing the uke, but also to help them find out the musical basics they need in a fun and exciting way, this sturdy little instrument is easy to play, easy to tune and incredibly fun. The colorful design of the Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele is complemented by a safe, non-toxic wooden construction that is also extremely durable.

Despite the fact that every precaution was taken to ensure the safety of this ukulele, it’s still important to note that it is only recommended for children over the age of two.


Best Ukuleles For Older Children

Once they reach an age between 6 and 10, most children are ready to take on a more advanced instrument that can provide them not only with fun music time, but also with a launching pad to mastering the instrument as they grow older. For that purpose, and to ensure a greater convenience when it comes to learning all about playing and taking care of a ukulele, a complete starter pack is usually best compared to individual instruments.

When it comes to choosing the best ukuleles for older children, you have to carefully consider the choice between a soprano and a concert ukulele, larger tenor and baritone models being the least popular choices even for older kids.

Also, even while looking up ukes for older kids, it’s important to take into account durability and style. A child who prefers certain colors and designs could get bored of a classic ukulele design, while active kids might end up ruining a more fragile, plastic ukulele after just a few weeks.

We have compiled a list of the most playable, attractive, durable, affordable and overall well-rounded beginner packs for older children just starting out with playing the ukulele.


Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Starter Kit

Kala is known as one of the most popular and skilled manufacturers of high quality ukuleles in the entire world. Featuring a tuning app, free online lessons and a quick starting guide for playing the uke, the Learn to Play ukulele starter kit is a high quality kit designed especially to help kids learn more about music and give them all the basics of playing the ukulele in a fun and engaging way.

Despite its affordable pricing, this Kala uke was built using the best premium materials from Kala, including their famous combination of a mahogany body and satin finish and their superior quality Aquila Nylgut strings. For older kids this high quality ukulele learning kit can be the perfect guide to anything from tuning and chord formation to advanced playing techniques.


Ready Ace Ukulele Complete Starter Pack

This ukulele starter kit is recommended and presented by one of the world’s most renowned instructors, John McCarthy. It features an extremely helpful 16-lesson instructional course that is simple and to the point. You also get high quality printable sheet music and a downloadable tuner and metronome that can really come in handy for kids wanting to learn the basics. Your kids can even record their performances and progress, so they can gain a sense of accomplishment.

Most of the people who bought this ukulele starter pack have pointed out that it’s extremely fun and that the uke itself is designed to offer the best level of quality. Kids enjoy having a great time just strumming alone, and they can also learn much faster than with other ukulele models.


Mahalo Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack

Mahalo Ukuleles is another well-known brand that specializes in high quality ukuleles of all shapes and sizes. The Rainbow Series soprano is an ideal small-size uke for kids who want to feel more at ease about the learning process. Featuring the uke itself, as well as the Ukulele Bartt digital lesson downloader, this starter pack will take your little ones through the basics in record time.

The Mahalo uke also impresses through its practical construction geared toward offering outstanding sound quality. It comes with a NuBone bridge saddle that makes all the bass notes sound more genuine, its cute, dolphin-shaped geared tuners are not only fun and appealing, but also capable of holding the instrument in tune longer.


Soprano Rainbow Ukulele Beginner Pack

This beginner pack features a beautiful 21-inch uke with colored strings, a brighter design, a solid wooden bridge and an eco-friendly construction that makes it stand out as one of the “cleanest” ukulele products on the market. It also has everything that eager older children will need, including a songbook that’s very useful for beginners who don’t yet know all the basics of how to use the ukulele.


Whether your child loves music and would like to learn all about playing this beautiful instrument, or you’re just buying the starter pack for a fun family pastime, it will be an inspired choice for any use. Children will have a lot of fun practicing with this professional looking uke, and with most buyers considering it to offer outstanding value for the money, you can be sure that everything from its durable, sleek, blackwood fingerboard to the soothing, melodious sound will enchant you and your kids for years to come.